Presentation of The Indigena Wines Evening Event

On 12th February, new distribution group INDIGENA WINES was presented at Satyrio Italian Restaurant and Wine Shop.

The exclusive event was attended by journalists, Italian institutions and some producers from the INDIGENA promoted wineries: Tre Monti Agricultural Company awarded by Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso for its Vitalba 2018, Inama Agricultural Company, Monterò Agricultural Company and Frentana Winery.

The Company is formed by Nadia Iacovelli, founder of Lady Wine brand, Mirko Kusturin, founding partner of Italian Restaurant Satyrio and Salvatore Noto of Continental Meat Supply. The group focuses on the diffusion of the Made in Italy excellence in order to promote Italian enology as a flagship in the UK.

We would like to thank all those who contributed in realizing the presentation of INDIGENA WINES evening event.
We would also like to thank the wineries representatives who were at the dinner, and effectively promoting the Italian excellence in the UK: Vittorio Navacchia from the Tre Monti Agricultural Company, Matteo Inama from the Inama Agricultural Company, Milena Cacurri from the Monterò Agricultural Company and Felice de Biasi from the Frentana Winery.
We also take this opportunity to thank Italian Consul and the Chamber of Commerce for their participation.
We renew our thanks to all our staff and collaborators for the work done.

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