Nadia Iacovelli

Nadia Iacovelli, with over 20 years of hands-on experience provides her clients with a unique selection of wines and spirits for enthusiasts, collections and investors – a collection which is designed to contribute to the international development of the wine Industry.


In 2005 she was already established as a world seller of fine wines by e-commerce.
This experience lead her to establish Lady Wine. Created to share her personal and professional passion for wine directly with others. Everything that Lady Wine offers is the result of studied choice in the name of quality and the highest sensory expression.


We’re looking forward to welcoming wine enthusiasts to a world of flavors, colors and experiences. We also believe in our original combination of true passion for wine and data-driven market analysis to bring people to exciting – and sometimes pleasantly unexpected – new territories.


Nadia Iacovelli, Founder Indigena Wine

  • +39 393 908 8600

  • +39 054 497 1842


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